1.Your prices are too cheap for the quality offered, what is wrong with the product – Where’s the catch?

Absolutely Nothing! We work on small mark ups and fast turnover. We firmly believe that you sell garbage once, you do not sell it twice! Our reputation is important to us and we work hard for it. Our overheads are kept very low. A non-fancy showroom, no big advertising budgets on TV, Radio, etc. and most of our customers coming to us from referrals and recommendations. We do not employ any sales reps who work on commissions. All of these things help us to charge you less. WE DO NOT PRESSURE SELL.

2.Do you only sell what is on your showroom floor?

NO! We display what is currently the most popular. We have access to many, many options for furniture, beds, sofas, ottomans, etc. Just browse through our website and see what else is available.

3.If I buy today, how long do I have to wait to get my goods?

Nearly all of the mattresses on the showroom floor we always keep in stock. If you buy today you can take the mattress away with you at the same time. We specialize in serving customers who want to get exactly what they want – with this in mind most of our furniture is custom made to your specifications. For those who cannot wait, we do keep popular models of items in stock and ready to go in neutral colours. Look out for the “TAKE HOME TODAY” labels or just ask us to see what is in our warehouse that is available to take home today!

4.How long do custom made goods take to get?

Depending on the time of year and on COVID restrictions, on average it is 4-6 weeks. This includes the solid wooden bed sets, sofas, sectionals, ottomans and beds. If you can’t wait, many of the custom made sofas/sectionals, upholstered bed frames, etc. Are kept in stock, in popular fabric choices.

5.Do you deliver?

Yes, we have a dedicated, full time delivery team. The delivery fee is based on your location within the Okanagan. We can just deliver to the room of your choice or for an additional fee we can also set up items. Please ensure that there is a cleared space for your new items, as well as in the winter months please ensure that driveways and paths are kept clear from snow and ice.

6.Does delivery include the setting up of my items?

Unless you have asked and paid extra for set up or special delivery, the delivery fee covers your items being delivered to the room of your choice only. Standard rates DO NOT include set up.

7.What warranties do your items come with?

These vary depending on the items you have bought. On custom made sofas and sectionals  a life time warranty on the frame is offered by the manufacturers. On mattresses it is usually a full 10 year warranty. The few imported items we carry from time to time usually only have a 1 year warranty.

8.Do I have to use a mattress protector on my new mattress?

YES – If you want the warranty to be valid. All manufacturers of quality mattresses will insist that you use a mattress protector if you want the warranty to be valid. Use one you already have, or buy one from us at a really good price!

9. What is your return policy on mattresses & box springs?

Unless you have purchased a Comfort Guarantee from us (which will appear on your invoice separately), your heavily price reduced mattress will not include a comfort guarantee – You do still however get your manufacturer’s warranty. All sales are FINAL. Our customers can sleep soundly knowing that their mattress and box spring are BRAND NEW. We will only accept mattresses and box springs back if they have not been slept on, are still sealed in their original packaging, with an original invoice and within 24 hours of purchase. Re-taped packaging will not be accepted for return. Would you like to receive a second hand mattress when you are expecting and paying for a new one? If the mattress is defective the manufacturer’s warranty will fully apply. This is not us being difficult -Just think of the possible consequences. A mattress is accepted as a return that comes from a home with fleas or bed bugs. This then infects our store and products and then goes into YOUR HOME!!

10.Are your mattress sizes exact?

All of our mattresses are Canadian made and are hand made. As such, there may be a variance of up to 1.5″ either way on the dimensions stated. This is industry standard and considered normal.

11.Where is your furniture made?

The sources are many but 95% of what we sell is made in Canada and mostly B.C. Other source countries include USA, Vietnam and Taiwan. We always try to source Canadian products first and North American second. Quality is also a major factor in deciding on where we source from. You sell garbage once, you don’t sell it twice! Please note that we DO NOT sell ANY Ashley Products.

12. Can I only buy the size, colour and shape sofa/sectional I see in your showroom?

A big NO!! We display just one shape from a particular model. All models can come in all different sizes, shapes and in your choice of fabric and seat comfort. We are all about our customers getting exactly the shape, size and colour they want!

13. Why does Decor-Rest only use Top Grain Leathers on all of its surfaces, unlike most other manufacturers?

14. Is there any user advice for your custom made sofas, sectionals, etc?