Hide-a-bed - Custom Canadian made

A Hideabed is a type of bed that can be hidden away when not in use. It can be an excellent option for small spaces or for rooms that perform a dual role like a home office that doubles as a guest room when placed with a carefully selected hideaway bed

We offer an array of hide-a-bed / sleeper options depending on your style and space:

The more traditional mechanism (commercial grade) can be added to virtually any of our made in B.C. styles and models. Options in twin, double or queen size. Thereby enabling you to pick your style, fabric, seat comfort, etc.

With our transformer style sleeper,  the mechanism opens in a uniquely different manner and is available in double and queen sizes. This option allows you to choose from two different arm styles and comes with the added benefit of removable arms. Making it ideal to get into tight spaces or narrow entrances.

As a complete alternative we have a roll out mechanism which is able to offer a true twin, double or queen size sleeping surface. As all standard sleepers offer a slightly shorter length on their mechanisms, this model is greatly appreciated by taller people.

hideabeds made in canada
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