....A good night's sleep makes everything more tolerable.

How are your mattresses so much cheaper than everywhere else - What's wrong with them?

Absolutely nothing! We buy from suppliers who offer value for money and don't just rely on selling their product because of their name. We also run a much smaller showroom than most, so the customer is not paying more for our high rent. We do not advertise through the old fashion methods, thereby saving money and reaching more people. We do not pay sales commissions. We do not offer "sleep guarantees" that give you a replacement mattress after 100 nights - so when you buy from us you are not paying for the mattress and a possible replacement or two. All of these things go to making our mattresses super value for money. Most of our mattresses carry FULL 10/10 year warranties!

We offer a complete range of brand new mattresses based on your preference, required features and budget.

We source from some of the biggest names in the industry and therefore our mattresses have the full warranty backing to give you peace of mind when purchasing.

Our selection of mattresses have been selected primarily on value for money, for the features offered and not just on the reliance of a well known brand.

Need a special size mattress? Need a 100% natural latex mattress? Just ask, we can have most of our mattresses custom made to the size of your choice and have access to many different types of mattresses!

No matter how many features a mattress claims to have, the only way you can tell if a mattress is right for you is by trying it out. Don't be shy, come on in, take your time and try out ALL of our mattresses to find out which one is meant for you!

Please follow the link below to see just a few of the mattresses we stock:

Mattress sets

Tips for buying a mattress

  1. Ignore what the labels say about the mattress's level of firmness.

  2. Empty your mind of the level of firmness that you think you want.

  3. Try out all of the mattresses on display. Don't be shy, the protective covers on the mattresses are there for a reason. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive would you???

  4. Narrow down your choice to about two or three mattresses that you are finding the most suited to you.

  5. Now spend at least 10-15 minutes on each.

  6. Lay on the mattress just like you would do at home. Try it for side, back and front sleeping positions.

  7. If two of you share the bed at home, try out the shop mattress with two people laying on it. Move around on it and get your testing partner to bounce up and down on their side. See how much of the movement you do or do not feel.

  8. Are you starting to feel too warm on the mattress? Some mattress manufacturers do not use a gel memory foam during their manufacturing process. This could be what is making you too warm. How would you sleep with this extra warmth?

  9. Choose the mattress that is right for YOU, not what is right for the sales person!

Check out our FAQ for our mattress returns policy