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Beds – Upholstered

Our upholstered beds include the head board, foot board, side rails and inner frame / slats. They are complete units at excellent prices! Want the option of fabric selection, foot board style and mattress support system? Then please view our custom made bed frames.

65 thoughts on “Beds – Upholstered

  1. It would be very nice if did not have to send an email to get a price. Why are they not listed? I understand there are probably different prices depending on the material you choose but why not start with a basic price.

    1. Good Morning Karen, Thank you for your email. Our main reasons being when we have put prices up we have our suppliers threatening to cut supply, as we are given prices by them that we should be selling their items for. We always go much lower, and we end up being “reported” by other Companies for selling under the retail pricing. For a price range indication of our products, please have a look at our specials page on the website. Alternatively, pop in and see our products with their prices – we do not pressure sell and no one is paid a commission.

  2. Can I please get more pictures and pricing for 6607, also do you have any similar bed frame style that is white?! If you do send pictures and price too! Thank you

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